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The Shop / Facial Scrub | Honey Girl Organics 1.75 fl oz

Facial Scrub | Honey Girl Organics 1.75 fl oz


Product Description

DESCRIPTION: Whisks away dead cells and increases blood circulation, helping to diminish fine lines, revealing plumper, younger skin and leaving it silky smooth.

DIRECTIONS: Slightly moisten your face and gently apply the Facial Scrub in a circular motion. Avoid the delicate areas around your eyes and mouth. Moisten fingertips as needed to adjust exfoliation. Rinse with lukewarm water and remove excess Facial Scrub with a washcloth.

INGREDIENTS: loe butter, super fine cane sugar, diatomaceous earth, aloe gel, raw Pupukea wildflower honey*, coconut oil, essential oils, grapefruit Seed extract.

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