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    In Portuguese, “Teadora” means adores you. At Teadora, they show their love for the world with natural and organic products made with novel rainforest ingredients. Their products let you experience the bounty and magic of the Amazon – while helping to improve the lives of the communities where they live. Founded by Valeria Cole, whom was born and raised in Brazil, she was Inspired by her mother – who cared for her skin and hair with natural remedies – and by her grandmother – who taught her the importance of social responsibility. Teadora helps to fund a philanthropic exchange between the U.S. and Brazil to promote rainforest conservation, education and leadership development. Their deepest hope is that they are able to share a little bit of this amazing country with you, and in turn give back to both Brazil and the rest of this amazing world we live in. We hope you love their products—and that you always love yourself, find your joy and share your passion!

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